How To Speed Clean Your Whole House

Many people these days are short on time and are looking for ways to their jobs faster. That is definitely true when it comes to household cleaning chores. Fortunately, there are methods, tools, and shortcuts that can help you clean faster.

Whether you are just wanting to get some quick maintenance done or you have house guests showing up in a couple of minutes, use the following tricks and tips so get your house sparkling clean quickly.

Speed Cleaning Keys

It is important to keep in mind that speed cleaning has not been designed for getting your house white-glove clean. Instead, the focus is on maintaining cleanliness and order in your home. You can do speed cleaning anytime you have the opportunity, even on a really busy weeknight, but you do have to have a good strategy to be successful.

There are some easy tricks to help motivate you and get your cleaning done in the most efficient way possible. Put them to good use when doing your deep-cleaning also since they are proven to really work.

Discover These Hidden Cleaning Shortcuts

Quite often the term “shortcut” sounds like an inferior effort. However, the shortcuts we are talking about here can help to reduce the amount of effort and time that your cleaning takes.

It is about capitalizing on a couple of minutes of downtime or using the best tool for the job. It is so those small things that make a really big difference and make your regular cleaning day painless.

Master 15 Minute Cleaning

Did you realize that nearly any room in your home can be cleaned in only 15 minutes? It is incredible how much sparkle you can provide to your bathroom, living room, or kitchen in just a couple of minutes. The key is being prepared and knowing precisely what you need to do.

If that is the bare minimum you are able to do, your house can still be ready for your family as well as unexpected guests. Many cleaning methods are easy enough for your kids to use as guidance for their own cleaning.

You may even want to assign a room to each person. Set a timer and start working. Plan a reward and celebrate your clean house with your entire family.

Tackle Your 30 Second Tasks

Can you spare 30 seconds? On some days, that might even be a stretch. However, when you do have the time, there are a couple of things that can be done.

For example, you can throw some baking soda into your trash can as you are changing the bag or quickly dust the TV while you are waiting for your kids. Organizing clutter or throwing away unused magazines or junk mail can be done whenever you notice it.

Those seemingly insignificant tasks can really make a difference in how you feel about your house.

Invest in Some Essential Cleaning Tools

There are plenty of cleaning tools that are available, but many of them leave much to be desired. Also, many of them can get a bit expensive. They also often do not do a good job.

Save your money and time and learn about cleaning products that actually work. They are frequently low-tech and simple solutions that do what they promise to do.

Learn Tricks for Faking a Clean House

In 15 minutes your high school best friend is dropping by, and your house is a big mess. So what should you do? This is the time where you need to fake it!

You can fake having a clean house in only eight quick steps, and your guests won’t even notice. It is as easy as freshening up the air, clearing the clutter out of sight, and focus on the rooms that are the most important.

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