Miami House Cleaning Tips: Develop 5 Habits That Can Help You Clean Your Home

Here are some simple tricks and tips to tackle house cleaning in Miami.

You will always want your house to be spic and span, but you have neither the days nor the hours that are required to get the job done simply because there are too many rooms with clutter, and the mess seems to always multiply. Give up your worry, because we have come to you with five habits that you need to develop that can help in reducing the clutter, keep away the dust and dirt, and leave you always on track in any routine you have for cleaning your home.

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1. Start With Doing a Little Every Day

It is not necessary that a house has to be cleaned up in one session. This is a fact that bears repeating. Prevent the building up of dirt and grime by making a habit of this daily routine.

As soon as you get up, make up your bed – It sets up a mindset of cleanliness for the rest of your day.
After every use of the shower spray it with a cleaner
Once you have used a surface, wipe it down with a paper towel or microfiber cloth
Always do a load of clothing every day with towels, clothing, and linen so that your laundry never piles up
Once your laundry is washed and dried fold it and put it away
Cleaning projects like bathrooms do require a block of time that is continuous. Spare half an hour and take the guidance of the experts at P&G everyday.

How to Clean Your Bathroom in 30 Minutes or Less

  • 30 Minutes to a Clean Kitchen
  • 30 Minutes to a Clean Laundry Room
  • 30 Minutes to a Clean Patio

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2. Clutter Must Be Ditched ASAP

Clutter will make not only your house look messy, but will also make it that much harder to clean. The two baskets, one bag technique, can help. What you need is two laundry baskets and one empty trash bag when you go into the first room that you are wanting to declutter. One basket can be filled with dirty laundry, like socks, and the other basket with items that are clutter that is not meant to be in that room. The trash bag can be filled with trash. Take the baskets and trash bag into the next room, and put away the items from the clutter basket if they belong in that room. Continue to add laundry to the laundry basket and trash to the trash bag. Quickly, go from room to room in this fashion, and you will have put back everything where it belongs and made your house ready for house cleaning in Miami or you can visit

3. Invest in Boxes and Baskets

There is no clutter if everything in your house is kept in the right place. Stuff like books, paperwork, toys, magazines and other small things can pile up, but investing in boxes and organizers of different sizes can help to store these items. Be creative when you are displaying small things like craft or office supplies. You will find metal planters and glass jars options that are not very expensive.

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4. Spend 5 minutes Every Night to Clean Up

When you are hooked on to a show on TV or tired after a long day at work, the tendency is to leave things till the next morning, but this can leave you having to do much more in the morning when you are really in a hurry. Spend five minutes every night to put away dishes, fold laundry, and wipe down surfaces. If you can find the energy, also set out the breakfast dishes at night, as this can save you some time in the morning, and tomorrow you will thank yourself.

Buy cleaning products that will work as they can be a big help:

A sweeping system, the Swiffer Sweep + Vac has a powerful vacuum system and sweeping cloth and is a system that is cordless and can be recharged. It can help you clean up all messes, small and large, getting right down to grout lines and crevices.

Magic Erasers by Mr. Clean can reduce the time that you may require to scrub bathrooms and kitchens and are very useful for removing grime that is otherwise tough to remove.
Febreze ONE Fabric along with Air Mist does not use aerosols and can clean up the air of odors, dyes, and heavy perfumes.

5. List Your Chores

The number of chores can at times seem overwhelming. Write down a simple checklist and post it prominently, like on the door of your fridge. Just remember what we said before. “You do not have to do everything at the same time.” Take on one or two items from the list every day, and ask other members of your family for help on others. Do not get depressed when you are cleaning and put on some music to hear as you do the work. Slowly you will find the list shrinking, leaving you satisfied and not so overwhelmed. Once you have gone through the entire list, see if you can make up a schedule that allows you to tackle a couple of chores every day. When cleaning is split up into smaller sessions, you will find it is less daunting.

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